The Civil Wars – D’arline

thecivilwarsI’ve been listening to today’s release of The Civil Wars self-titled album. Painful. Not the music. It’s haunting and yet, unfinished. The pain is in the lyrics. They worked out through their music what was (evidently) unspoken on their tour.

Buy it if you get the chance.

I have a stray observation: Doesn’t D’arline seem to bring to song Richard Feynman’s letter to his deceased wife Arline?

There are a few similarities, but I’ll leave you to compare the song and the letter. Here’s one as an example:

From the letter: “PS Please excuse my not mailing this — but I don’t know your new address.”

From the song: “You’ll always be the only one
D’Arline, if I only knew
Where to send this letter to”

3 thoughts on “The Civil Wars – D’arline

  1. Thanks, Matthew! Glad to hear it confirmed. It was just too close not to be based on the letter. I’ll have to track down the interview.