What is this all about?!

Top 100 BandsI’m kind of an old guy. I have daughters born in different millennia. My older daughter shared my love of They Might Be Giants. Later she was freaked out that I knew the music of Missy Elliott. My younger daughter (13!) knows more TMBG songs than I do, but bought this as her first album.

I understand parents don’t and can’t like all the same music as their children. My mom loved Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and couldn’t get why I would look back to her youth and pick swing. But she, my daughters, and I all could agree on the Beatles. Some music transcends boundaries.

BlogJazz will explore the music we like…primarily through sharing videos. I hope to learn a little more about why they like what they do, and they’ll have more opportunities to make fun of what I like.

It might be fun if you join us and offer your own finds and suggestions.

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