Words, Words, Words with Fiona Apple and Hopsin

Apple-HopsinChuck: It’s all about the lyrics and the message with this pair of videos suggested by Jessica. I can’t say I was happy with some of the language by Hopsin, but it’s probably my age. I remember when “damn” was a bit much for a song. For I am old. So, don’t play Hopsin loudly at work, but pay close attention to his lyrics and ask yourself if his message isn’t better than a lot of the rap you remember…

Jessica: The truth hurts. Excuse me while I go find my purple contacts.

Chuck: I’ll admit the last Fiona Apple song I remember is “Criminal,” but “This is not about love/’Cause I am not in love/In fact I can’t stop falling out” are obviously products of a very lyrical mind.

Jessica: Totes adorbs. Fi and Zach 4 eva!

Hopsin: Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 lyrics

Fiona Apple: Not About Love Lyrics

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