Catholic Independent Schools Enterprise Agreement

Support and enterprise agreements for companies in more than 30 Catholic schools were recently approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Most schools have already started paying the increase from the agreed date of the first full pay period, January 29, 2017 or later. However, if this has not been done, members should receive the increase plus refund by that date. Yes, the FWC is certainly relevant, since the members of the IUE voted in favour of the agreements last December! There are many benefits in these new EAs, not just salary increases. See the latest newsmonth for the full story – see S3 Improved Employment Conditions apply now and will continue to work for the lifetime of each EEa. Although EAs could only be legally applicable after FWC approval, the Union insisted on the inclusion of a refund clause requiring employers to reimburse members for salary increases after approval. If you have not yet received an increase this year or if you do not receive a refund shortly, you will discuss the matter with your school. If your salary increase is not made, contact your IEU organizer for support.

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