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Is Natalie Merchant Giving Up Everything?

“Rarely is an artist as honest and revealing as Natalie Merchant in her new video and song, ‘Giving Up Everything,'” says NPR Music’s Bob Boilen. “Watch the video, let it settle in your bones, and watch again.” This is a familiar Natalie Merchant. If this song is indicative of her new self-titled album, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it. As a critic, you can’t expect my un-biased criticism when it comes to her songs. Continue Reading →

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Words, Words, Words with Fiona Apple and Hopsin

It’s all about the lyrics and the message with this pair of videos suggested by Jessica. I can’t say I was happy with some of the language by Hopsin, but it’s probably my age. I remember when “damn” was a bit much for a song. For I am old. So, don’t play Hopsin loudly at work, but pay close attention to his lyrics and ask yourself if his message isn’t better than a lot of the rap you remember… Continue Reading →

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G Love E

In 1990, Was (Not Was) put out their album “Are You Okay?” which included the best version of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone I’ve heard. Take a listen for yourself…

…wait…first to the point…

The song includes a rap by G Love E and, thanks to some wonderful folks on the Net Tubes, I can now listen to three of G Love E’s other songs…all included below Papa… Continue Reading →

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