What is this all about?!

BlogJazz will explore the music we like…primarily through sharing video. I hope to learn a little more about why they like what they do, and they’ll have more opportunities to make fun of what I like.

It might be fun if you join us and offer your own finds and suggestions.


@ltmotel Answer tiktok this took my entire life to make 🏩 #motelhell #mosaic #AskOnTikTok ♬ The Motel Mosaic – Brian The Motel Guy Continue Reading →

G Love E

In 1990, Was (Not Was) put out their album “Are You Okay?” which included the best version of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone I’ve heard. Take a listen for yourself…

…wait…first to the point…

The song includes a rap by G Love E and, thanks to some wonderful folks on the Net Tubes, I can now listen to three of G Love E’s other songs…all included below Papa… Continue Reading →